Our Heart

We prepare opportunities for children and adult in the lives they never accept before. Our philosophy is not only giving a donation but also a hand. We equip, inspire and influence the lives to have a better future.


We teach English, Computer courses, Art class, and life skills to the children from underprivileged family at our Shelter House. We also involve in Women Outreach Program by giving training and mentoring to develop their creativity and skills. Water Project and School Project have been done in several areas in Cikarang and provinces in Indonesia, and we expect to do it more


We are partnering with individuals, churches, communities, non-profit organizations and multi-national companies. If you'd like to help, be the volunteer, give a donation, share skills, or even to do CSR, you are more than welcome to partner with us.

To find out more about missions, come to info desk at Church Service




EVERY SUNDAY 9 AM @ Hall California Room Lt. 2

Maxxbox Orange County

Jl. Orange County Boulevard, Cibatu, Cikarang Selatan,

Bekasi, 17530


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